Continuous Fryer

The FMT continuous fryer (FFRU) fries or cooks products in a hot oil open system. For optimal crispy and well fried results products are guided gently through hot oil and evenly heated on all sides. Adjustable oil temperature and belt speed offer optimal cooking process control. For energy supply the machine can be fitted with either electric heating elements or thermal heating registers.

Machine belt widths correspond with usual market sizes so the FMT fryer fits easily in a wide variety of production lines.

Summary of benefits:

  • Suitable for a wide range of products and production lines
  • PLC control with touch screen
  • Extended oil life
  • Effective and efficient waste removal
  • Easy to operate

Flexible Frying Unit

The FMT Flexible Frying Unit (VFFRU-400/1000 E) is a water/oil based frying machine. Adjustable frying time and temperature (160 – 180 °C) allow for optimal fried, healthy products. The FMT high quality design prevents splashing, even with frozen product. This design also reduces oil consumption, retains oil colour and prolongs the frying medium’s life. An integrated flow sensor prevents over-heating when the pump should be faulty. Like all FMT machines, the flexible frying unit is made from first class materials, is energy efficient and easy to clean.

Summary of benefits:

  • Optimal fried, healthy products
  • No splashing, even when frying frozen products
  • Reduced oil consumption, retaining oil colour
  • Prolongs frying medium’s life: less oil change
  • Energy efficient and easy to clean

Oil Storage Tanks

To be used for the storage of the oil from the fryer and to separate the sediment from the oil.

  • Made out of stainless steel
  • With valves and piping
  • With conical bottom and discharge valve
  • Contents depending on fryer size

Rotating Oilfilter

The hot oil from the fryer will be pumped into a rotating drum, which is equipped with a stainless steel filter screen. While the oil will flow through this screen the particles in the oil such as breading, meat, etc. will remain on the filter screen and are blown off by a knife blower and are caught in a tray outside the filter. The filtered oil will flow back to the fryer by gravity. The filter will be connected to the switchbox of the fryer from which its operation will be controlled.

Paper Belt Filter

FMT Paper filter installation removes fine solid particles from the frying oil (oil polishing). The oil is pumped directly from the frying unit or through a rotating filter onto a conveyer belt with the filtering paper. The oil runs through the paper, the particles stay behind. The purified and therefore healthier oil is pumped back into the frying unit. The installation automatically controls oil levels and renews filter paper when its filtering powers lessen. Saturated paper is automatically transported, folded and stored into a waste container. The installation can be used with different filter paper sizes and is mounted on a movable frame. Like all FMT machines the paper filter is built from first class materials for lesser maintenance costs and designed for optimal safety and easy cleaning.

Summary of benefits

  • Prolongs the oil’s life: less oil change
  • Fully automatic and mess-free oil recycling
  • Double-walled design for greater safety
  • Hinged lid and removable belt for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Mounted on a wheelable frame for easy positioning