FMT Grill Marker GM-600

The new GM-600 grill marker is an innovative and versatile tool to enhance product experience. Due to their revolutionary flexible suspension and relatively small diameter, the upper marking rollers easily follow the shape of any product, resulting in an even and well spread grill marking pattern on the surface, without compromising product shape. Products don’t have to be flattened first. The GM-600 uses electrically heated rollers which enable grill marking on either one or both sides of the product. This machine has a compact design: easy cleaning and easily moveable on wheels. The GM-600 grill marker can be easily combined into full product lines with other FMT-machinery, like a continuous fryer, hot air oven, steam oven or ontact cooker.

Summary of benefits:

  • Flexible grill marking: flattened or non-flattened products, big or small products, one side or both sides
  • Electrically heated rollers
  • Compact, high capacity, hygienic design
  • Easily moveable (low weight and wheels)
  • PLC control with touch screen tact cooker.