Our hatchery buildings are designed according to the best adaptations of the NTD France construction patent, toaccommodate chick incubation. NTD France buildings are designed with a lattice girder structure that allows large dimensions and height.


The abattoir building houses the animals for slaughter. NTD France buildings are adaptable to all expected slaughter yields

NTD France adapts the building according to the required specifications, the interior is completely modular by creating add-on units linked to the functions of slaughtering, cutting and packaging.

High performance ergonomics, Max width 42 M

Perfect air tightness (use of silicone)

Hygiene airlock, egg preparation room, incubation room, egg hatching room, chick processing room, shippinghall

Specific panel allowing full surface washing and resistance to aggressive products

Charpente Magnelis®, Profilés Sigma galvanisé spécifique, portes blocs aluminium indépendant