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Adhesives Cooling

Adhesives Cooling The FMT advanced cooling system for cooling of adhesive products (Hot Melt) after packaging. The main advantages and

Adhesives Cooling2020-03-02T08:19:02+00:00

Cooking & Cooling Tanks

Cooking and Cooling Tanks FMT supplies a wide range of cooking and cooling tanks with or without stirring unit.

Cooking & Cooling Tanks2020-03-02T08:23:12+00:00

Belt Cooling Systems

Belt Cooling Systems The FMT belt cooler for cooling of pre-packed products. The main advantages and features of the system

Belt Cooling Systems2020-03-02T08:23:32+00:00

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems The FMT-Integrated blancher/cooler, type IBC, is designed to cook and cool products in an optimal way. The products

Integrated Systems2020-03-02T08:18:27+00:00


Cooling The FMT belt cooler for cooling of products after blanching. The main advantages and features of the system



BlanchingThe FMT Full immersion belt blancher allows more homogeneous blanching, since all the products are totally submerged. Blanching conditions are


Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems FMT conveyors can be equipped with a wide range of wire belt and neoprene belts. Belt conveyors

Conveyor Systems2020-03-02T08:14:09+00:00

Cooling & Freezing

Cooling Conveyor To be used for transport and pre-cooling of cooked and fried products to the next operation (spiral freezer).The

Cooling & Freezing2020-03-02T08:13:00+00:00

Contact Cooking

Contact Cooking FMT Contact Cookers can be used to grill a wide variety of products. They give the product

Contact Cooking2020-02-19T11:55:32+00:00

cooking – Hot Air Oven

Lineair Hot Air Oven The FMT Lineair hot air oven, type FHAF, heats your products by means of hot

cooking – Hot Air Oven2020-03-02T08:12:14+00:00
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